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Bi-weekly articles on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS development; Swift language and Xcode.

Exploring CI/CD: Automating DocC

Provide explicit spacing to inner views inside your VStack and HStack by creating zero spacing stacks.

Highlights of SwiftUI Release 3

This year, Apple focused on supporting deeper adoption of the framework for our apps.

Exploring Xcode: Adding Custom Fonts with Code Snippets

A step-by-step approach to adding custom fonts easily to your app

Exploring MusicKit: Song Structure with Code Snippets

Understanding the fundamental music item that is present in almost every other music item.

Exploring SwiftUI: Color System

Create a color system in SwiftUI to define all the colors in one place and easily modify them in the future.

Exploring MusicKit: Gradient Background

An attempt to add an animated gradient background similar to Apple Music

Exploring MusicKit: Audio Variants

Exploring the audio variants and how to show them in the app using MusicKit

Exploring MusicKit: Artist Artwork

Get the artist artwork from iTunes website using Open Graph meta tags

Exploring MusicKit: Permissions

Adding the required key for accessing Apple Music and asking the user to give access.